We met Jule & Tom on our shooting day for the first time. All of our communication before the snowy vineyard couple shoot was through Instagram.
Our main concern before and during a shooting is always to get an awesome connection to our couples.With these two, well, what can we say, it was like love at the first sight.
There are a few moments in life where you meet a person that gives you the feeling like you have known each other since always.
In this special case, we met a couple that gave us this awesome feeling. Everything we talked about to the other side was like “Yeah, we know that.. ” or like “Yeah, we visited this or that also..”

It was just insane.

To keep long words short: that is what it is all about. That is that ONE BIG REASON why we are doing this. LOVE. Making new friends, meeting new awesome people and exploring their devotion for each other.

Guys, we loved to meet you. Our snowy vineyard couple shoot was a blast.

Love, Candida & Max Jan

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