Hello beloved ones

We are Candida and Max Jan, wedding photographers living in the beautiful area of Kaiserslautern/Germany. We are a couple since 2003 and in 2015 we celebrated our own big day in the so called “german tuscany”.

We are both huge fans of Italy and South France. Especially the food, the wine, the landscapes, people and the mentality are completely our world. Candida has her roots in Italy and France, what makes it even more ours.

We love food. There is nothing better than coming togehter for a good meal. Our favorite is the easy mediterranean kitchen that Max Jan cooks for the family. All we need to be happy is some pasta, fresh vegetables from the farmers market, a good glass of wine and us, of course. This is our own philosophy of “Il dolce far niente”.

We love each other. We really appreciate an open and honest communication, like to spend time on our own but also with our friends who are also family. We like sports, exploring new things and places and traveling. Our goal ist to keep negative things out of our life by putting the positive aspects fortunately surrounding us in focus. You only live once, so why give that negative side such a big space?

Candida in a few words: marketing-lover, bookworm, loves libraries and everything that goes with them. She highly appreciates honesty, loves dancing, music, fashion, the golden 20’s and is a known museum-junkie.

Max Jan loves cooking, food, wine and his wife. He is an abolute internet-junkie, checks Facebook and Instagram every five minutes and is a big technology-freak.

For us, photographing is so much more than “taking pictures”. So much more than just standing behind the camera. The personal connection we get to our couples is way more important than the pure craft of photographing. Our motivation is the communication, the connection, the trust and the emotions. Our ambition is to create emotions not pictures.

We love to be part of your special and unforgettable day. We’d like to support you, to be your persons of contact and above all, to be your friends who attend your wedding. We love to catch all those special moments on pictures and give you memories of all your feelings and emotions, lasting your whole life together.


Candida & Max Jan